Human Resources Policy


Gildi’s goal is to appoint competent, reliable and motivated employees who work as a unit in a good working environment. Because of this, the Fund wants to attract ambitious employees with appropriate education and offer them the opportunity to grow professionally. Emphasis is placed on employees being well informed about their duties and showing both responsibility and initiative.

The tasks and duties of employees are specified in the employment contracts, and the management of the fund can also assign them specific tasks. It is emphasised that the fund’s employees are informed at all times about the requirements that are made of them and the responsibilities that they have, both according to employment contracts, the fund’s Articles of Association as well as the laws and regulations that apply to pension funds.


Gildi’s employees take the following values ​​into consideration in their work.

Employees are guided by positivity in their interactions with fund members and other employees.

Employees are honest and reliable in their work and take responsibility for their decisions and actions at work.

Employees show professionalism and respect for partners and fund members and offer reliable and good service.

Detailed Arrangement

1. Recruitment and reception of new employees
Vacancies at the Fund are open to everyone, regardless of the applicant’s gender or other status. The selection of employees during recruitment is based on professional work practices where the emphasis is placed on competence and equality considerations are taken into account. Emphasis is placed on giving a warm welcome to new employees, who receive appropriate training on the Fund’s activities when they start work. The immediate supervisor is responsible for welcoming new employees.

2. Career development and training
Gildi s goal is for employees to maintain the necessary expertise that applies to every job within the Fund and to be well informed about their tasks and the purpose of their work. All employees have equal opportunities for employment and professional development.

3. Employee interviews
Employees are called for employee interviews at least once a year. The aim of the interviews is to support employees, evaluate their performance, but no less to encourage them to express themselves on issues that can improve work practices and work procedures within the Fund, maintain good morale and increase job satisfaction. The interviews also try to identify the need for further training of individual employees.

4. Job satisfaction and work environment
Emphasis is placed on a good morale within the Fund and that employees feel comfortable at work. At Gildi, everyone contributes to creating good morale. The staff’s communication and behaviour is characterised by honesty, respect and trust. Employees are encouraged to be independent in their work practices and to express themselves about what they think is good/can be improved in the workplace. Emphasis is placed on offering a healthy, safe and stimulating working environment.

5. Equality and respectful communication
Emphasis is placed on employees having the rights stipulated in laws, rules and agreements on equality issues, in particular Articles 19–22 in Act No. 10/2008 on Equal Status and Equal Rights for Women and Men. Full equality is ensured in all the work and projects of the Fund. Each employee of the Fund is evaluated on their merits, regardless of origin, gender, sexuality, age, nationality or religion. Respect, tolerance and a positive attitude in communication, both within the Fund and outside, are conducive to increasing the satisfaction of staff and fund members.

Particular emphasis is placed on the following:

  • Bullying, violence, prejudice and gender-based or sexual harassment are not tolerated within the Fund.
  • Gildi pays men and women equal wages and offers the same terms for work of equal value. The Fund has established an Equal Pay Policy that specifies the implementation of this in more detail and is considered part of this HR Policy.
  • Any form of discrimination in opposition to this policy will not be tolerated.
  • No jobs within Gildi are defined as men’s or women’s jobs.

Should such issues arise or if employees believe they have been violated in some other way, they are encouraged to contact the Fund’s Managing Director or Office Manager immediately. It is also possible to convey suggestions or complaints to the Shop Steward, Safety Representative or an external party, of which the staff is informed at any time, who will deal with such issues appropriately.

6. Health policy
Gildi cares about the health of its employees and that they take good care of their own health. Fitness grants are provided to promote the improvement of the well-being and health of employees. Health checks are also available to employees on a regular basis.

7. Family policy
Gildi emphasises being a family-friendly workplace that enables employees to co-ordinate their work and responsibilities towards family. Employees are encouraged to use their maternity/paternity leave rights.

8. Retirement
The decision on retirement due to age is taken in consultation with the relevant employee. If an employee is dismissed, they have the right to demand written explanations if requested.

9. Follow-up
The HR Policy is set in accordance with the strategy and goals of the Fund. The Managing Director on behalf of the Board is responsible for the implementation of the policy.