Board of Directors and Committees

Gildi’s Board of Directors is the senior management of the fund. The Audit Committee monitors risk management and the effectiveness of controls. Within Gildi, there is also a committee on Board members’ wages.

The fund’s Board of Directors has eight members. Four are elected on behalf of fund members, and four are nominated by the Confederation of Icelandic Employers. The term of office is two years, and half of the seats for Board members and alternates are voted for annually. The Board is in charge of the fund and must discuss all major decisions regarding Gildi’s strategy and operations.

Stefán Ólafsson (chairman ) Elected at the 2023 Annual General Meeting
Björgvin Jón Bjarnason Nominated by SA 2023
Bjarnheiður Hallsdóttir Nominated by SA 2024
Freyja Önundardóttir Nominated by SA 2023
Guðmundur Helgi Þórarinsson Elected at the 2024 Annual General Meeting
Gundega Jaunlinina Elected at the 2024 Annual General Meeting
Perla Ösp Ásgeirsdóttir Elected at the 2023 Annual General Meeting
Sverrir Sverrisson Nominated by SA 2024
Páll Ásgeir Guðmundsson Nominated by SA 2024
Ingibjörg Ólafsdóttir Elected at the Annual General Meeting 2023
Inga Jóna Friðgeirsdóttir Nominated by SA 2023
Trausti Jörundarson Elected at the Annual General Meeting 2024

Gildi’s Board of Directors appoints a three-member Audit Committee that acts on its behalf and under its responsibility. The Audit Committee monitors the fund’s risk management and risk control and the effectiveness of internal control and auditing. It must ensure compliance with laws and regulations, submit a proposal for an external auditor, and assess his independence.

Committee Members:

  • Helgi F. Arnarson, Chairman
  • Freyja Önundardóttir
  • Perla Ösp Ásgeirsdóttir

Within Gildi, there is a four-member committee on Board members’ wages, whose task is to prepare and submit a proposal to the Annual General Meeting on Board members’ wages for the coming year.

Committee Members:
Representatives of employers Jón Kristinn Sverrisson
Stefanía Kolbrún Ásbjörnsdóttir
Representatives of employees Stefán Ólafsson
Eyþór Þ. Árnason