Iceland's third largest pension fund

Gildi is the third largest pension fund in Iceland and operates both a statutory mutual pension division and a private pension division. The operation of Gildi is subject to the supervision of FME (Icelandic Financial Supervisory Authority) as well as internal auditing and external auditing by outside parties.


Member associations

Ten trade unions are members of Gildi. All employers with operations in the professions for which the ten unions have entered into collective wage agreements are under obligation to pay the pension premiums of their employees to the Gildi mutual pension division. In addition to the ten unions, SA-Business Iceland is a member of Gildi.

The premiums are paid in the proportions provided for in the collective wage agreements in question. Membership in Gildi, therefore, is mandatory, and making payments into mutual pension divisions of other pension funds is not permitted.

The ten member unions:

  • Bifreiðastjórafélagið Sleipnir
  • Efling stéttarfélag
  • Félag hársnyrtisveina
  • Félag járniðnaðarmanna á Ísafirði
  • Félag skipstjórnarmanna
  • Sjómannafélag Íslands
  • Sjómannasamband Íslands
  • VM Félag vélstjóra og málmtæknimanna
  • Verkalýðsfélagið Hlíf
  • Verkalýðsfélag Vestfirðinga


Statutes of Gildi

In the statutes of Gildi you will find among other things rules about role of the fund and activities, rights and obligations of fund members, constitution of the board of directors and annual meetings.

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